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Traditional Christian Wedding
​This beautiful wedding style incorporates Christian values .  
$150.00     Click HERE for more information 
I offer several different styles of weddings:
Hawaiian Christian Wedding 
The Hawaiian Christian wedding incorporates Hawaiian prayer and blessings.
$150.00  Click HERE for more information
Traditional/Hawaiian Christian Vow Renewal
A beautiful vow renewal ceremony, of which you may choose either the traditional Christian or Hawaiian Christian with English and Hawaiian prayers.
$125.00  Click HERE for more information

Sand Ceremony
​This is a beautiful and popular addition which will enhance your wedding experience. . 
The sand ceremony symbolizes the joining of your two lives into one. You will take home the jar of sand as a memory of your special day. 

Wedding Package Deal
Receive a discount on ministerial services if you hire my wife as your photographer. (see photo gallery for samples)

To keep your wedding expenses affordable(most photo packages are between $500-$1500+, national average is $2500) my wife Vanessa will gladly take photos during and after your wedding ceremony(Bride&Groom photo shots) with our Canon DSLR cameras. This will include photos during and after the ceremony. I will edit & transfer the photos of my choice (Average 80+photo's) to Pixiset.com for you to download.  $100.00 minister service + $250.00 photography
Travel fee of $40.00 is also waived.
Package Deal only $350.00, you save $90.00
Photography at wedding reception additional $225.00

Lei Exchange Ceremony
This is another popular addition which will enhance your wedding experience.  Right after the ring exchange, I will say a brief statement about the lei's, and then the bride & groom will place lei's on each other.  The bride & groom may also place lei's upon their family members after the wedding ceremony.  
Please see Bouquet & lei's page to view the lei's.

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Japanese Wedding
***In the event that I am not available to perform your wedding, I have two wonderful ministers that will gladly fill in for me.***  
Reverend Troy Childers
Minister Tracy Yamamoto
Ukulele music brings an extra romantic touch to the wedding ceremony.  A song is sung in the beginning, middle, and ending of the ceremony.  The ukulele will be strummed through out the ceremony.  Pricing depends on location, starting from $135.
I have collaborated with Princeton Simeona, owner of Euangelizo Films, LLC. to provide beautiful wedding videos.  Princeton mostly works with high end wedding companies.  Because we have a great relationship, he has offered my clients affordable pricing starting from only $300.  There are several video packages to choose from, so please contact me for more information.  

When we decided to go to Hawaii for our wedding and honeymoon, just the two of us, I felt a little lost in the extravagant packages. Nothing seemed to fit our idea of simple, romantic, and low stress. Then we found Ron and his family. We communicated via email and text. Everything was easy to coordinate: date, time, location, photographer, musician, and flowers. When the day arrived, everything unfolded perfectly. Ron, his wife and daughter, Vanessa and Bethia, and our ukulele player, Roland were ready and prepared. They had the perfect spot picked out overlooking the beach. They were all welcoming, loving, and helped to intensify the beauty and peace that is found in Hawaii. Everything about the ceremony was wonderful. And the flowers and leis were beautiful. To top it off the photos taken by Vanessa, Bethia, and Ron are fantastic. If you are a local Hawaiian or visiting, you can trust Ron and his family with your wedding day. Sara E.

Pastor Ron Taylor, along with his Wife Vanessa and daughter Bethia, made our wedding more perfect than we could have ever dreamed of! We live out of state and I had spoken to Ron several times before the ceremony and he was very comforting and knowledgeable - while providing great advice from his experience in officiating countless weddings in Hawaii. He was even willing to help us plan and reach out to vendors he knew for us, in order to make sure we had everything we needed on our special day. Also, being from out of state, he even put us in touch with someone from the State that handles wedding licenses so we could coordinate a time to meet with her on the weekend and receive our wedding license ahead of our ceremony. We really appreciated Ron and his family taking the time to make our ceremony so great, and going the extra mile for us, as they all demonstrated how much they cared about our special day and it was very comforting and reassuring. They are such great people and do this because they have a passion in ensuring that the bride, groom, and their family have the most perfect wedding ceremony ever. They made our ceremony intimate, peaceful, and beautiful and we are so grateful. The price was extremely reasonable and honestly I would have been willing to pay more, given the quality and skill he and his family have in the wedding industry. Not to mention his daughter, Bethia, who seriously makes the best wedding videos we have seen and was very nice, friendly, and passionate about what she does. Not to mention, she was so quick to return the finished video to us! It was amazing. Ron’s wife, Vanessa, was so on top of everything and making sure everything went smoothly during the ceremony and photos. My wife specifically, really appreciated Vanessa’s willingness to show us exactly how to stand, pose, etc. and would even fix her hair, makeup, and dress - all to make sure everything looked perfect. I can’t say enough about how impressed we were with Ron, Vanessa, and Bethia. They are an extremely talented family that provide exceptional service in the wedding industry for a great price. If you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding in Hawaii, you have to reach out to Pastor Ron Taylor and his family! Jake B.
Pastor Ron and Vanessa made our simple wedding absolutely wonderful. They made the process of scheduling and planning our wedding very simple, which made the actual event all the more greater. We were able to have a beautiful wedding without a crazy cost which was also a plus. Vanessa is just a ball of energy as she assist in prepping for photos and making sure the special moment is extra special. Thank you Ron and Vanessa. Justin M.

Due do to the State of Hawaii Governors mandate, weddings are now limited to only a group of five people which includes the minister & photographer.  This rule may change in the near future.  Thank you for your understanding.