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Beach Permit Information
Getting the required permits for your wedding event can be a bit cumbersome. The State of Hawaii Department of Land & Resources require a special permit for beach weddings. The State of Hawaii, Hawaii Film Office also require a special permit for photography on State land.  Prior to getting the permits, you must purchase liability insurance.  
(Maximum guest allowed is 25-30.  Arches and chairs is prohibited.)

You can purchase your own permits, however, to save you time and money, I am able to purchase the permits for you at a reasonable price of only $20 permit + $45 administrative fee.

Below is the insurance requirements by the two departments:

Requirement for State of Hawaii Department of Land & Resources
Minimum Requirements:
Applicant shall procure at Applicant's own expense, and maintain during the entire period of the right-of-entry permit, from an insurance company or companies licensed to do business in the State of Hawaii, a policy or policies of comprehensive public liability insurance in an amount of at least $300,000 per incident and $500,000 aggregate insuring the State of Hawaii against all claims for personal injury, death, and property damage; that said policy shall cover the entire right-of-entry area or premises, including all improvements and grounds and all roadways or sidewalks on or adjacent to the said right-of-entry area or premises in the control or use by Applicant. Applicant shall furnish the Department of Land and Natural Resources (the "Department") with a certificate(s) showing the policy(s) to be initially in force and naming the State of Hawaii as additional insured and keep said certificate(s) on deposit during the entire period. The procuring of this policy shall not release or relieve Applicant of its responsibility under this right-of-entry permit as set forth herein or limit the amount of its liability under this right-of-entry.

Requirement for State of Hawaii Film Office
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Minimum Requirements for a Standard Film Permit:
A Certificate of Insurance for General Liability ($1 million per occurrence, $2 million aggregate) and Automobile Liability ($1 million bodily injury per person, $1 million bodily injury per accident and $1 million property damage per accident), naming the State of Hawaii as additional insured, is required for a Standard Film Permit.

Once you purchase the required insurance, you would then apply and pay for a permit from the Department of Land & Resources, and the Hawaii Film Office.