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Bouquets & Lei's
When my clients asked me where they could purchase wedding bouquets & lei's, I would simply give them the name and phone number of the local florists. 
I recently researched the cost of bouquets, and did not know that they cost anywhere from $130-$300.00, this was a shock to me. My wife and I decided to make our own bouquet, and found that we could sell ours for 50-70% less than what the local florists were charging.  So, if you would like to have a Simply Beautiful Bouquet, we have decided to sell our bouquets starting at only $75.00  
We can create a single colored or a
 mix colored bouquet. 
 Please let us know the color of your choice 
and we will let you know if it is available.
In addition to the flower bouquet, my wife has learned how to make a haku lei (flower crown.)
The color of the haku lei is coordinated with the flower bouquet.  The retail price for haku lei's can also be a bit pricey, but we have decided to sell it for a low price of only $45.00

Why is our prices so low, it's because we want to bless our clients just as how God has blessed our family.
Below is the Simply Beautiful Bouquet & Haku lei that my wife made.

This beautiful purple orchid lei and sweet smelling tuberose lei is a perfect addition for your lei exchange during the wedding ceremony for yourselves, and/or your family members.  Prices start at only $14.00 per lei.  The more you purchase, the lower the price. 
Please let me know if you are planning on ordering multiple leis of assorted styles so that you can receive discounted pricing.
Simply Beautiful Bouquet
Purchase Simply Beautiful Bouquet

Purchase Haku Lei
Simply Beautiful Bouquet
Haku Lei
Haku Lei
Rose Petal Heart
Maile Lei imported from
 the Island of Hawaii
Ti Leaf lei
Ti Leaf lei
Maile Lei
Purple orchid lei
A wedding in Hawaii almost always include a Maile lei for the groom. The male guests can either wear a Maile lei or a Ti leaf lei.
Prices start from only $55.00 & $16.00
The rose petal heart is a beautiful addition for your wedding. 
The rose petals can also be used for a rose shower.  The cost includes set and clean up.
White tuberose lei
White tuberose mix with white orchid
Boutenniere $15 each
Multi color rose petal aisle.  
Multi colored rose petals inside of heart
Red rose petal with red rose petal aisle
Rose Petal shower
Pink roses with a sprinkle of white orchid and white babies breath.
Pink & white roses, with white babies breath.  
Pink & white bouquet (without white babies breath)
Rose petal quantity
Ti Leaf-Maile Style with white orchids
T-Maile w/white orchids
White orchid lei
Special made and extra fragrant