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Japanese/English Bilingual Wedding
Every year thousands of couples from Japan come to Oahu for their romantic wedding. 
The most common reason for getting married in Hawaii is because of the natural beauty, and also because it is very affordable when compared to the wedding prices in Japan.  
I have performed thousands of weddings for clients from Japan, and also for Americans that marry Japanese citizens.

Living in Japan for fifteen years has helped me to learn the language.
It is such a blessing for me to be a Japanese speaking minister.

So what does a bilingual wedding look like?  The format is pretty much the same as my English wedding, except that the Bible reading, vows, and ring exchange is in Japanese for the Japanese speaking bride/groom.
I also have weddings that is completely in the Japanese language. 

The cost for the wedding is $150 + $40 Japanese language fee.

Watashi wa Nihon ni jugonen sundeimashita, sorekara, watashi no haha wa Nihonjin desu.

Watashi wa Nihongo de nanasen ijou no kekkonshiki o yarimashita.

Kekkonshiki wa Eigo to Nihongo ryoho o hanashi shimasu.
Seisho kara ai no imi o Nihongo de yomimasu.
Chikai no kotoba to yubiwa no kokan wa shinro to shinpu wa watashi no hanashishita koto o kurikaeshimasu.

Onedan wa $190.00 desu. 

Shitsumon arimashitara, emailu o romaji de onegaishimasu.