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Vow Renewal
Vow renewal is a great way to recharge your marriage. When you repeat your vows of love to each other, it brings back memories of when the two of you met. It’s a great reminder of your commitment to each other. It is such a blessing for me to witness the love and joy in the couples eyes as they recommit their vows.  
Many couples like to renew their vows on their 5th year, 10th year, 20th year, and so on. I have even performed a vow renewal for a couple that I married a year ago. They came to Hawaii on vacation, and called me up to see if I could marry them again. Even though they were married for only a year, they both were crying tears of joy during their vow renewal, it was beautiful. If you are coming to Hawaii for vacation, I would highly recommend to include a vow renewal as part of your special time on the Island.  

The flow of the vow renewal is pretty much the same as a wedding, the only thing different is some of the wording. You can incorporate your own vows or “repeat after me.” Vow renewal is a beautiful thing; it will elevate your marriage life.