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Vow Renewal
Vow renewal is a great way to recharge your marriage. When you repeat your vows of love to each other, it brings back memories of when the two of you met. It’s a great reminder of your commitment to each other. It is such a blessing for me to witness the love and joy in the couples eyes as they recommit their vows.  
Many couples like to renew their vows on their 5th year, 10th year, 20th year, and so on. I have even performed a vow renewal for a couple that I married a year ago. They came to Hawaii on vacation, and called me up to see if I could marry them again. Even though they were married for only a year, they both were crying tears of joy during their vow renewal, it was beautiful. If you are coming to Hawaii for vacation, I would highly recommend to include a vow renewal as part of your special time on the Island.  

The flow of the vow renewal is pretty much the same as a wedding, the only thing different is some of the wording. You can incorporate your own vows or “repeat after me.” Vow renewal is a beautiful thing; it will elevate your marriage life.

I would highly recommend Pastor Ron and Vanessa to anyone considering a wedding or vow renewal on Oahu. Ron made the process very simple and straight-forward from start to finish. From my first contact with him through email, Ron thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns about our ceremony. He responded quickly to my email messages and was available by phone to talk about the details. He was up-front and direct about his fees and the services provided and we were thrilled with the end result! Our vow renewal with our three children for our 28th anniversary was the highlight of our trip to Oahu!! Before our service, Ron touched base with me about the final details and even arrived nearly an hour early at the parking lot at Secret Beach to wait for us to make sure we would have an empty space when we arrived. We loved the way he conducted our service, putting us at ease with his kind, low-key manner and making it very Christ-centered and God-honoring. It was truly a wonderful, worshipful experience filled with the presence of the Lord! After the ceremony, I was amazed and surprised at the time Vanessa and Bethia (Ron and Vanessa's daughter) spent on our photo shoot. They went well beyond what I had expected! They took tons of photos: individual shots, couple shots, family shots, and individual shots of the kids. Vanessa had so much energy, running around putting us in different poses in different locations on the beach. She reminded me a little of Tinker Bell, flitting about and putting us at ease and making us laugh during so many different poses. We generally don't like getting our picture taken as a family, yet none of the kids complained about the long photo shoot. Vanessa made it really fun and we were beyond thrilled with the final photo package they provided! All this said, we not only celebrated our marriage of 28 years in a special, memorable way, but felt like we made some wonderful friends. Ron, Vanessa and Bethia are the type of people you feel an instant connection with. They are genuinely loving and caring, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a truly memorable service.  Kathy O.
​We had our vow renewal on scheduled For Friday with Minister Ron and his wife for photos. They also showed up with their daughter which was a total bonus for us; they are all so amazing. We have a son in a wheelchair and they went all went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Minister Ron actually picked our beach location (Waimanalo Beach) based on our needs with our son's wheelchair. Everything was absolutely prefect. Booking was so easy, he was very flexible and helpful. The lei' s and my bouquet (I requested something they hadn't made before) were all just so beautiful. The ceremony was so intimate even though we were on the beach, The Minister picked out a great time for us ahead of all the other wedding parties that showed up after our photo session. The photos taken by The Minister's wife, Vanessa, Minister Ron and their daughter, Bethia were so wonderful! My pictures look like they are out of a fairy tale. They did such a great job from start to finish! If you are looking for great ceremony Minister Ron and his family are the ones to book with!  Monica C.

Vow renewal fee $125.00
Travel fee $40 depending on location (waived for Secret beach, Paradise Cove beach)
Beach permit required by the State of Hawaii $65 (not required for Magic Island)

Vow renewal/photo special package #1 $300
(includes 40+ edited photos, $65 beach permit fee waived, $40 travel fee waived)

Vow renewal/photo special package #2 $350
(includes 80+ edited photos, $65 beach permit fee waived, $40 travel fee waived)

Deep discounted special package #3 Vow renewal(only at Magic island location)
(1) Minister(Ron),
(1) Photography (15 edited photos),
(2) purple or white orchid lei for lei exchange during the ceremony,
(1) $40 travel fee waived,
(1) $65 beach permit waived(not required at Magic island),
Total cost only $160.00.

vow renewal Hawaii
Vow renewal Hawaii
Pastor Ron did an awesome job in our vow renewal ceremony. He was very calm & respectful along with his wife Vanessa and their daughter Bethia. I love our flowers Vanessa :) and big thanks Bethia for taking pictures. Great family teamwork! Salvina T.

Ron and his wife Vanessa were so kind and helpful throughout the whole vow renewal experience. My inquiries via email were all answered promptly. Ron has a calm energy that made me feel relaxed during the ceremony. The bouquet and leis Vanessa made were beautiful! The photos Vanessa took are beautiful! I will be framing many of them. I am completely satisfied with the experience.  Silvia S.
For our 25th anniversary we decided to have a vow renewal ceremony. I was searching in the internet and I'm so glad that I found Rons website. He was quick to respond our emails and answered all our questions immediately. Vanessa made our leis and right from the very first beginning we met them, we felt very comfortable and welcome. The ceremony was just wonderful and touching. Vanessa and Bethia took the pictures and although it was raining during the ceremony and we got all wet, the photos turned out just great. A special thank you to Ron, Vanessa and Bethia for making our day special. They are a wonderful family and great team. Mahalo!  Iris G.
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